Recently, Canada has evolved one of the topmost countries in the world to migrate. Whether it is quality of living, health care, education opportunities, work life, economy etc. It has merged to be the best place in the world to live.

Under the Multi-Year Levels Immigration Plan, Canada is expecting to welcome nearly one million new immigrants between 2018 and 2020. In 2018, 310,000 new permanent residents have been settled in Canada. This target will be increased to 330,000 newcomers in 2019, with a further 340,000 to settle in 2020. (Source: CIC News)

There are several reasons for Canada being on the topmost priority for the immigrants. They are:

Free Healthcare

By becoming a citizen or a Permanent Resident, they receive free healthcare benefits and can apply for public health insurance. Each province in Canada has its own health insurance plan and free emergency medical services. A health insurance card is issued to get medical services.

Education opportunities

Education in Canada brings a lot of opportunities for immigrant’s children. A degree, Diplomas or Certificates of Universities or Colleges is as equivalent to those of U.S. Not only for the domestic but even for the international students, it is accessible and affordable cost. The education system of Canada has attracted the immigrants and has set the base for the future generation, innovation and the economy of the country.

Work/ Job Opportunities

Many people move to Canada for a better future and standard of living. There are great employment opportunities for not only the immigrants but also for foreign students who are willing for a better career and living. A foreign worker should be eligible to work if h/she has a valid work permit, an international student is allowed to work 20 hours per week while studying as per the government of Canada. Canadian companies have high demand occupation for foreign skilled workers.


People from different cultures, regions, religions, race are living in peace and harmony. According to the current scenario of the cabinet of Canada, Punjabi- Sikh groups hold a say with other edifying and ethical identities. This USP of Canada attracts many new immigrants who want to prosper and experience a new living without any acumen.

Multi-Cultural Cuisines

Diversity brings multi-cultural cuisines on the plate. People moving to Canada will experience, as they are closer to their home country. Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, American, Mexican, French- Canadian etc. are some of the cuisines potential immigrants will cherish.

Canadian immigration can provide a life for you and your family with possibilities in every sector for a bright future. Canada is a happy place to live, you are a go-getter, hop on for the opportunities and believe in yourself. Canada needs you!