Investor Visa Canada

Canada provides Canadian Immigrant Investor Program (IIP) or Canada Investor Visa to attract global companies to invest in Canadian economy. This program promote immigration of business people and families. It also allows the qualified investors to be a permanent resident of Canada. If you too want to get investor visa for Canada, contact our immigration experts at Canada Immigration Scouts. We will guide you through the program and suggest your best options.

Minimum requirements for Canada Investor Visa

In order to obtain Canada Investor Visa, applicants need to fulfill many eligibility criteria:

The applicant should have 2 years of managerial experience
He/she must have a minimum net worth of CDN$ 1.6 million, applicant must then invest CDN$ 800,000 with the Government of Canada for five years and it will be returned to the candidates OR they will have to make a one –off, non- refundable payment of approximately CDN$ 120,000.
After the submission of the application, the applicant can’t switch to another program.

Points based skill assessments for Canada Investor Visa

This program involves a point based skill assessment; applicants who want to migrate to Canada through this program will be assessed on various parameters such as their academic qualification, business experience, age and language proficiency.

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