Visitor Visa & Extensions in Canada

Canada is a popular tourist spot with millions of visitors visiting the country every year. If you are planning to visit Canada to spend your vacation or to meet your family or friends, you may need a temporary or visitor visa, unless you are a citizen of visa exempt country, i.e. the USA or Australia.

What is Visitor Visa?
Based on the Canadian Immigration Act, a visitor visa is meant to allow entry of a foreign resident inside the country for purpose of trade & tourism. A temporary resident visa or visitor visa does not permit an individual to work. It allows a foreign national to stay in the country for just a specific period of time, past which one has to leave the country at once.

Know About Your Visa Validity
Once you arrive at the port of entry, an immigration officer will mark a stamp on your passport to record the visa expiration date. The time between the date of issue and expiration of visa is known as your visa validity. Generally, it is for 6 months from the date you entered Canada and doesn’t allow you to stay permanently.

What is visitor visa extension?
Visitors are not at all allowed to stay beyond the validity of their visa which is marked on their passport. In some rare conditions, a tourist may apply for visa extension to extend his stay in the country. For this, you must apply for visa extension at least 30 days before it actually expires.

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