Yukon Nominee Program is one of the most ideal programs for workers aspiring to settle in Yukon. That’s because business owners in Yukon, who want to hire foreign workers, can do so through the Yukon Nominee Program. Post approval by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada  (IRCC), the nominees can bring a spouse or dependents under the age of 18 along with them. However, everyone cannot apply for this program. There are certain eligibility criteria that have to be fulfilled. If you are interested in settling in Yukon, Canada, we can help you. Our experience in the field of Canadian Immigration ensures that you get to go where you want to be, including Yukon. We ourselves go through the rigors of immigration procedures on your behalf to fulfill your immigration dreams.

Yukon Nomination Program (YNP) categories

Express Entry
Skilled Worker
Critical Impact Worker
Business Nominee